This is the second time we have attended MogFest. It is held in October near the Calico Ghost Town near Barstow CA. Folks come from all over the West USA to party with other Unimog off road vehicles. Jeeps and apparently even dirtbikes are tolerated. Always a fun time.


New t-shirt design each year

In the mornings, all the rock-crawlers assemble to break up into groups for rides catagorized by difficulty

In 2008 Andrea and I rode with Michael in his Mog. Note these are really big vehicles.

Rolling out as seen from the back of Michael's Mog. The first one behind us is Chris in the Jeep he has in 2008.

on the route, view through the front of the Michael's Mog

Inside Michael's Mog. These vehicles are designed for off road with alot of specific controls

Chris and his Jeep from 2008 getting ready to navigate a rocky section

Michael navigating a rocky section

Most of the rides lead to the top of a mountain where everybody meets and lunch is prepared by a Mog modified with an oven

This picture is of 2009, but we check out various mining caves every time. They are very expansive.

Carnage. There are a few types of Mercedez off road vehicles. This is one of the smallest.

This is Mog central. Kudos to the catering for providing REALLY great breakfasts and dinners each day.

It's also a pretty family friendly event. The young ones love to be in the vehicles. These girls are selling rocks in a rocky desert, but who can resist?

There were lots of interesting vehicles in 2008.

The biggest Mogs of 2009. 8 wheel drive. See next picture.

The vechile is used by the military to launch missles.

In 2009, Andrea rode in Chris/Terry's Mog. A little target practice out there too.

In 2009, Chris brought his new kick-ass Jeep

In 2009 I rode my dirt bike. On this day we did a ride with this very disparate group of vehicles. In the picture, my dirt bike, Chris' Jeep (riding with Kent) and Michael's Mog (riding with wife and kids)

The tortoise and the hare


Michael's Mog working its way up the mountain

from inside the Mog

How to put a giant tire back on the bead. In person it's alot more dramatic.