Now that Andrea and I finally had the Suburban and the trailer operational at the same time we took a short road trip. We got to dry Lake El Mirage on Saturday afternoon for some riding and to see the time trials for the land speed records on Sunday morning. A short but great trip.


Andrea surveys the dry like and our camping location.

Chad at the top of a hill climbed with his dirt bike.

We rode to this vista point called the Crow’s Nest.

Chad and Andrea self taken.

Chad riding down a moderate hill.

Back at camping relaxing in the trailer and cooking diner.

Andrea in the trailer.

Chad surveys the area from on top of the Suburban.

The pretty sunset.

Camping in the comfy Suburban.

On Sunday morning we watched some of the time trials for the land speed records. There were all different categories, but I’m sure this car is from one of the faster ones.

Motorcycles race there too.

As far as engines go, if one is good, two is better. Notice the intake manifolds (no air filters) and exhaust manifolds (no mufflers). Translates to loud and fast.

This car had a 575 in^2 engine. That’s really big, especially for a car about three feet wide. Long and skinny, like a rocket.

Many of the cars get pushed up to a certain speed before they take off on their own.

They race down the lake bed. You can hear them from miles away.

If all goes well they hit their top speed and create a new record for their class of car, and deploy a parachute to help them slow down.

And if all really really doesn’t go well...I have yet to be at Lake El Mirage without at least on airlift even if no formal event is happening there. A place where people play hard.

How they start.

going down the lake bed.