This is the first time for Andrea, second for Chad, even though he didn't remember being there before, as the scenery had changed in the Scorpion Cove. Long gone were the sandy beaches, which were replaced by stony ones. The boat ride took one hour and the sea lions and the dolphins came out to say hello. We were hoping for some whale watching too, but they were camera shy. It was a weekend of camping, hiking and snorkeling by a brave Chad who wasn't deterred by the icy cold waters! (He changed his mind about snorkeling right as the return boat was pulling into the cove) We saw the native fox, a small snake, lots of sea lions, pelicans and seagulls and letís not forget the beautiful sunset. Next time we'll rent kayaks and bring wetsuits for the snorkeling.


Scorpion Cove is where we arrive.

Cavern Point and one of the hiking trails.

Some handsome couple.

Our friend the fox came over to our campground in search for water and to entice the paparazzi.

Chad taking in the Little Scorpion Cove views.

Our hike to the Potato Harbor.

Sunset at Cavern Point.