Our First Dirt Biking Camping Trip - California City


The holidays broght these two gifts

This is how we roll (for now)

When we got to the area, we didn't know which RV city was our group. I decide to scout by bike.

Ready to roll - er - roost ;)

We found our group. Huge. Probably about 15 families/RV's. If you are not an RV person, when I say RV think Condo;). This is our VERY small sized RV substitute (Suburban).

Our RV has an outdoor kitchen

Really nice group. All came with lots of toys; dirt bikes, quads, Rino's, sand rails. The sand rail in this picture is really big, and has a Northstar V8 engine. Seats 6. Crazy fast.

My first group trip, about 25 miles to Husky Memorial. In the picture from left to right Ben, Paul, Doug and Brian.

This is the Husky Memorial. It was made for a fallen rider (riding a Husqvarna motorcycle). Others have added memorials to other fallen riders.

On the second full day, Andrea and I joined a group for a 6 mile ride to the "A Frame". Used for breaking rocks I guess.

The trail we rode to the A Frame

From there we went to the ghost town of Randsburg. They cater to Off Road recreation and actually allow non-street legal vehicles on their streets. The town was mobbed, like a ski lodge at the botton of the slopes.

In Randsburg. Lots of families do the off-road thing together.

Andrea riding on the little track by our RV camp city.

Chad riding on the little track by our RV camp city.

Andrea riding on that track

Chad riding by - plenty of power to spin the tire in a range of RPM and gears.