For the first holidays in our house, Mom came out to visit. What a treat. We weren't very diligent with the camera, but here are a few shots we took.


The tree, the ornament, the menorah, the presents and FAMILY. Feels like a real house;)

Opening presents

With Mom's help Andrea and I cooked our first Turkey. T'was yummy.

A home cooked feast in the dining room. Another first at the house.

In the man cave for a three person dart tournament.

Mom and I went dirt biking for a day while Andrea was at work. We loaded the trailer with the two iron horses and headed up to Bouquet Canyon. Here Mom is suited up to ride Andrea's bike

And ride it she did. Once she got the clutch and shifting figured out, we did some cruising on the forest roads.

While Mom was here, she helped us with alot of work on the house. With the upstairs floors recently done, this banister and some of the doorway trim were now clearly in need of cleaning and painting. They look beautiful now. Mom also helped Andrea plant two more rose bushes and plant ground cover in one of the palm tree areas. I installed a door in the master bedroom bathroom.

Lots of painting...

We did New Years Eve at Universal City Walk. We saw the movie Avatar in 3D and joined the masses for the concert/fireworks at New Years.

The Three Musketeers

On the last day we did a nearby short hike to this waterfall. Happy 2010!