What a great trip to the high Sierras for some camping, sightseeing and riding our dirt bikes. The place is known as Kennedy Meadows, but is actually a bit Northwest of it in Sequoia National Forest. We left early Sat morning, and got back Sunday evening. We would have loved to stay more days but still happy we went even on a normal (short) weekend.


We camped Saturday night in the Troy Meadows Campground. Beautiful there.

The area has lots of sometimes very rocky, sometimes sandy and always skinny single track. Considered "more difficult" riding but Andrea did amazing with this terrain. I loved it too.

Some trails went by beautiful meadows...

...and some went right next to active fires (prescribed)...

...and some through streams.

Here we took a break next to a forest service road. Perhaps contrary to what you would think, this type of rigorous dirt biking is a lot of exercise. Even though there wasn't any peddling, by the end of the first day Andrea and I were completely worn out.

Happy dirty faces.

Before we left we took a relaxing tour of the scenery on my bike (road legal).

Heading home down the mountains from trees and granite to hot desert.