Trip to Havasu/Parker AZ

Our original plan was to leave CA Thursday evening and get in a day of toy playing in the CA desert before heading out to AZ to meet up with the group Friday afternoon. So we mostly packed before I left for Chicago and Andrea picked up the u-haul trailer while I was gone. The plan was for me to get home by midnight Thur and head out shortly afterwards. I could not pull it off, I was too tired, so we scrapped the CA desert and left directly for AZ Friday morning.
Two friends I meet through mountain biking, Hugh and Craig, have bought vacation homes on the Colorado River just below the Parker Dam creating Lake Havasu. They have the place FULLY stocked with desert and water toys. We played with the desert toys in the first part of the day and hit the water fun (river and lake) when it got warmer.
It was great fun, and big thanks to our friends for inviting us out there.


Crossing the CA / AZ border in the ‘Burban. Note: the irony of this doesn't escape me. One of the small things that got us motivated to look for a house, was that we didn't have room for parking a trailer and we were tired of renting them. Big house, lots of parking, and we are still renting them...

One of the first things we did when we arrived was loaded up a couple of boats for a cruise down the river and stopped at a neat floating bar. This is a picture at the bar and catching Andrea double fisted - a rare moment

Chad, Craig, and Hugh

Sat morning. Loading up the trailers with desert toys

The terrain was a bit steep and technical for Andrea on her dirt bike, but Brandon riding a quad was happy to trade places with her. She liked the quad very much

Christa (birthday girl), Hugh (her dad), and Andy on quads ready to roll

On the ride, we parked the toys and checked out a mine. This is a view of all the desert toys outside the mine. Two Rino's, 7 quads and 2 dirt bikes

Chad took a pull on a water ski

In the pictures, the other boat in our group is pulling a "sky ski". It has a foil which can ride below the water's surface, and in this picture, Hugh is doing a jump, so you can see the foil.

Their houses are in a community with access to these docks. Great place to take a break from the water and hang out. Both boats in the background.