A Memorial Day weekend trip: we wanted to do some hiking to prepare for our July trip to the Sierras. And maybe fly at Crestline.


We began packing the truck Saturday late morning, and left at about 2:00pm. It had been really really hot the previous week (during my Mom's visit we hit 100 degrees F), but a storm had come in on Thursday and cooled things down a bit in Los Angeles. As we got to the base of Mt Baldy, Andrea was happy to have brought some warm clothes.

In fact, we were pretty surprised to see snow at the Manker Flat campground (5200').

Chad cleans a table, but, ...

the truck turns out to be big enough to include a kitchen.

Wake up Andrea, looks like we will get some nice hiking weather.

Starting the hike, Andrea sporting her new hiking poles.

Gratuitous waterfall picture, San Antonio Falls.

After hiking past the Mt Baldy Ski area, we got to the famed Devil's Backbone Trail.

Part of the trail had collapsed. The people coming the other way said they had gotten to a point that was too steep and loose to ascend. Early to hike we are not, but tenacious, yep. We started up this spine to avoid the collapsed part of the trail.

Andrea at the base of a steep and loose part on this spine.

Frequently there was little visibility and quite cold. At other times, like this one, it cleared and gave us a change to rest and do route planning.

It really had the feel of mountaineering, with route finding and weather challenges. Andrea decided to stop, but I continued on. At times post-holing through waist deep snow. The GPS was helpful to navigate a passable route up.

Sign at top of the summit of Mt Baldy (San Antonio).

Spectacular clouds as I make my way down from the summit to meet up with Andrea. We made it down to the car by about 5:30pm. Very exhausted. Had a nice big Italian dinner, and camped in the Landing Zone at the base of Crestine.

Andrea was not feeling that well, so drove me up the mountain for a solo flight. When we got there, it was clear, but by the time we finished setting up the glider, the clouds had moved in and I couldn't launch.

Patience prevailed, and I got a clear window to launch.

A nice 2 hour+ flight, with a couple climbs from down low to back to the clouds in light lift. Andrea drove down the mountain to meet me at the Andy Jackson Flight park where I landed.

In this picture I have landed and now taxi-ing (walking) my glider off the landing strip. What a great weekend!!!