A Second Trip to Wallaby Ranch, Hang Glider Aero Towing


Entering the Wallaby Ranch located between Tampa and Orlando.

Andrea (Jungle Jane) using the rope swing

Chad doing flips (my Wallaby tradition)

our cabin ("Hoochie") at the ranch for the three day stay. It was very very nice inside but had a few small Florida native creatures which troubled Andrea ;)

Chad hooking into a rented glider. On deck for a tow into the sky

"ranch ready" and busy recalling how to fly this glider, work with the cart and fly behind the tug airplane

my turn. In many ways hang glider aerotowing feels similar to waterskiing. You have a boat with seemingly limitless strength (tug) pulling an insignicant skier (hang glider).

towing up. The tow line between the tug and glider is hard to see. The towing part usually lasts about 5 to 10 minutes and brings you up about 3000'.

If you click on the video above you can see the first part of one my tows. (After that video has played, YouTube will likely offer up random but related videos that I had nothing to do with.)

Chad flying after tow release. There was lots of good lift and I climbed from the top of the tow to the base (and a little above?) of the clouds. The other two days that we were at the Ranch, the cloulds quickly overdeveloped (became storms) in the morning, so we did other things in the Orlando area.

closing with Girls On Trampolines, ala the Man Show, thanks to Andrea