A few shots of our engagement. I had a plan to propose to Andrea at the top of the mountain and then the two of us would fly tandem down to the landing zone for the champagne celebration. But the winds would not cooperate. So I ended up proposing to Andrea on Sunday evening at the top of the beautiful mountian with a view LA and the ocean in the backgroud (without the tandem part). Pictures before and after the proposal below.


On Saturday we attempted the plan. For the last month, I had been concerned about a ravine cause by hard rains that ran along the dirt road to the top of the mountain. I kept saying, some idiot is gonna fall in it and we won't be able to get the truck out. Well, turns out, I was the "lucky" one, drove too close to one of the edges, the dirt collapsed and the truck fell most of the way down the 5 foot deep revine. Fortunatley we were able to get it out unharmed and raise awareness of the threat.

Andrea is standing by the new addition to our private airforce. It's a very new tandem hang glider. When this picture was taken we had hoped of the wind cooperating and flying it together.

Other hopefuls of good winds setting up in the background.

So at this point, we have given up on the winds, I have proposed, and Andrea has accepted;) The winds are unsafe for a tandem flight, but I choose to sneak a quick solo flight in our new tandem hang glider.

Down in the landing zone, I arrive and folks joke about the absence of my passenger. Andrea takes a ride down the mountain and arrives in the landing zone for the announcement and champagne toast.

Andrea calls this a Hollywood style kiss.

Andrea sporting the engagement ring back at our place.