A friend I met (Errol) through my biking group is the skipper for two very famous sailing yachts, Deerfoot II and Beowulf of which I have had a poster on my walls for many years. He invited me for a sail with the crew preparing to race Beowulf to Puerto Vallarta in February.

You know you're in for a good day when the "starter act" begins on Deerfoot II
moving Deerfoot II (78') in Marina Del Rey
Errol (skipper) below decks in Deerfoot II
Now time for sailing. This is Beowulf II, the Steve Dashew masterpiece. It is constructed of marine grade aluminum, so no paint on freeboard and/or topsides
Inside the pilothouse, looking down the companionway in Beowulf
In the saloon. The woodwork, leatherwork and metalwork were unbelievable
The mainsail and mizzen sail raised as we head out
Setting the mizzen spinnaker. The main chute is already set.
me on the deck of Beowulf
Note: I was pretty busy enjoying the sail and didn't get any good pictures. As with any big yacht, the best shots are from another boat. Below is a link to some good pictures and info on Beowulf. I am still amazed how the Dashew's were able to handle it with just the two of them. Experience I guess.
Beowulf Link