Andrea and I went on a winter road trip during the holidays in the Suburban. We got to do some great hiking and camping in the Valley of Fire State Park and also see some petrified trees and petroglyphs. We spent a few days with Chris in Las Vegas and then hit New Jack City for a bit of climbing on the way back.


Some of the stuff ready to be loaded into the truck. Lots of stuff...

At the bottom (landing zone) of the Jean, Nevada, hang gliding ridge. Maybe we will come back and fly here some day.

Our campsite in the Valley Of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Checkout the new paint job (provided by the Valley of Fire) on the truck. Very pretty there.

Andrea in a hole

Chad at a trailhead.

So many different colors

Andrea in a narrow spot on the trail.


Chad and Andrea inside inside a casino on the Las Vegas strip.

Chris and Andrea stopping for a picture on biking trials near Blue Diamond, NV

Andrea riding

The morning after camping at New Jack City, CA. Note Andrea's head pops out to see the frost. Not Spring yet, she will wait two more months before coming out.

Chad leading at New Jack City.

On the sharp end.

Some fun 4 wheeling before heading home.