I had a small fall, kind of a freek thing, but broke my thumb - BAD, in many places. I broke the last two bones of my thumb, right around the joint, in many places. I had reconstructive surgery, and five pins were drilled into my thumb to hold the bone pieces in place. I was in a cast for 11 miserable weeks. Currently trying to get movement and strength back.

Hard to see, but I was just coming off one of those snowboard "rails", and here is the tiny fall that did the damage. Stephanie (Petra) was taping me with my new camcorder, and even after I fell, had no idea that it could have caused injury.
Here are the Xrays up at Big Bear
Here are the Xrays after reconstructive surgery. Note: metal pins to hold bone fragments in place.
This was taking on June 22. My thumb is bent as much as it will go, and the pins that were re-moved are in the shot. Physical therapy to get more motion and strength in the thumb.