Much higher than expectations. I got to over 9800' MSL, flew around the local mountains, but chose to fly back to our club landing zone.


Late in the sequence - only a few left to launch in mid-day crowd. This is due to my pattern of yoga on Sat morning and chosing to hike up the mountain.

In this photo, taken over Big Tujunga Mountain, you can see: the city of Sunland, the Verdugo Mountains, the San Fernando Valley, the Hollywood Hills part of the Santa Monica Mountains, downtown LA, the beach cities, Palos Verdes and the ocean (if you know where to look).

A View of our "fishbowl" from over Big Tijunga: Middle T, Little T, Lances, Trash, Kagel, Towers, 2200 and West Towers.

I took the high glide to the west and turned around here with a view and decent glide angle into Simi with dark looking Santa Suzanna Mtns as a last obstacle - for another day.

We don't think landing is exciting enough so we put live rattlesnakes in buckets at the end of our LZ (actually for dog snake training, but there were live rattlesnakes there)