Unable to go on an Owens Valley trip as planned, we did a short trip for some relaxing at El Mirage (great place) and a day at nearby Devil's Punchbowl. El Mirage was quite windy but we got "e-tickets" rides with Jim on his land yacht. The visit to Devil's Punchbowl was really nice. Some light hiking and a really great ranger discussion on geology.


Many land yachts on the lake this Saturday.

Andrea gets a ride with Jim. With 20 knots of wind they were moving at speeds well above 50 mph. It gave Andrea a pretty good thrill and scare.

Chad gets a ride too.

Dinner time. We traveled light this time and didn't bring the trailer.

The sunsets at the dry lake are spectacular.

There was a fireworks show in the distance with the moon rising - awesome.

We spent Sunday at the Devil's Punchbowl. Great place to spend some time hiking through these formations at the foot of the mountains. We also went on a tour with a park ranger to learn about the geology in the area and some history on the San Andreas Fault. Really nice guy.

Andrea hiking to the bottom of the Punchbowl.

Chad checking out an extremely round rock.

This is a view of the area from a longer hike towards the mountains.