Torn between the epic-ness of a Hurricane/Utah trip and the desire to do things more local (and less hot) we opted for a four day vacation to include an overnight at the 4th Annual Awhai Ranch Independence Day Fly In and two nights trailer camping at the beach.


Beginning a fun road trip with the big truck and the trailer.

First to our friends Emily and Andy's Ojai ranch fly-in 4th of July party. This is the launch point. The goal is to glide all the way to the ranch property, but there are lots of chase crews to pick up folks who land in fields along the way.

I was first to launch this time. I am flying my old Litespeed 4.5S glider for the first time in one year.

Launching Cheif's Point.

Beginning the search for thermals.

Gliding with Juan.

This glider is still for sale.

Side view.


Landing gear down.

The grassy breakdown area for those who make it to the ranch.

A group photo of most of the folks at the party. Such a fun evening and a treat to catch up with so many friends.

After spending a night at the ranch (in our trailer) we headed to the Emma Woods State Beach. We had never been there and weren't sure what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised to find that our assigned spot was AWESOME.

Another view of our campsite.

The view from the trailer's "living room". Nothing but ocean:)

The view through the "kitchen" door.

We celebrated my birthday dinner at a restaurant in Ventura Harbor with our dear friend Vivian from San Diego. She took this picture while we are walking in the marina.

My birthday cake - there were many of them actually.

Vivian spent the night with us and we got to hang out a bit more for breakfast the next day. Then she continued on her circuit of Independence Weekend adventures. It was great to catch up with her.

We bought this kayak the week before for this trip.

Crossing the rocks.

Trying to wait to time a passage through the breaking waves.

Went through one or two little breakers.

A dolphin fin in the background.

A dolphin jumping in the background.

Andrea trying out her new "zero gravity" chair. It's a keeper:)

Departing on a ride to explore the bike paths in the area.

Fun riding.

D'oh. The four day weekend is over. Time to leave this paradise. What a great trip.