Our first desert trailer camping trip with the baby.


Emily Rio's first trip in the Green Giant truck.

We brought her "baby gym" in the trailer. So many things to look at.

This was the sleeping layout we settled on. Emily Rio's bed is the co-sleeper on the table in the back. We didn't use the upper bunk (queen bed).

Baby sleeping in her bed during one of the 7 nights we were camping.

At our first destination we wanted to do a short hike with the baby but forgot a sun hat. Andrea improvised with this bandana.

Emily Rio was up for the hike.

There are really neat views here in Red Rock State Park (CA).

Daddy didn't even do any dirt biking here. We spent most of the time hanging out in the trailer and relaxing.

Andrea prepared another one of her famous Christmas dinners in the trailer. Yum.

Mother and daughter taking a nap with eye-covers.

The desert can be cold in the winter so this was one of the outfits we had to keep Emily Rio warm. Loaned to us by Carolina. It was decorated like a football.

I put on my new Patriots sweatshirt and did some running plays with the football.

And some passing plays.

One of the days we left the trailer behind with the group and did a road trip to the Trona Pinnacles National Landmark.

In the backgroud, Daddy with the Mosquito NRG setup and ready for take-off.

All systems go.

Climbing out a bit over the pinnacles.

Flying amoungst the pinnacles.

And more flying amoungst the pinnacles.

On our way back to our trailer we encounted some snow. Not really. The white stuff is actually salt in this salt flat but really looked like snow even in person.

I don't think Emily Rio is ready for the KTM racing motorcyle yet.

Not quite ready for this one either.

And even not ready to drive this one yet but at least she has her seatbelt on.

Hanging out with Dad on the trailer steps.

Good times.

The last sunset of 2013.