Chad made President's Club! This year: beautiful Kauai, the Garden Island of Hawaii. We stayed at the St. Regis in Princeville. Amazing time.


Here's the view from our hotel room. We originally got another room with a view we didn't like so we got moved to this one. We had a view of the pool, the beach, the mountains and Hanalai Bay. Couldn't get any better :)

Here's the view of the pool from our room.

And here's the view of the beach from our room.

The first night we had dinner at the restaurant's terrace overlooking the sunset.

Swimming in the beautiful pool

This is the hotel's beach. There is great snorkeling right off the beach as there are lots of coral right there. And the chicken! The island has wild chickens and the hotel grounds was no exception. They are cute. They come over, look at you to see if you have any food for them and if you don't, they just keep walking. The story goes that during a hurricane caged chickens got freed and they started populating the island. They don't have any natural predators, so they've been thriving ever since.

One of the activities was a 2.5 mile kayak adventure that departed from the marina by the ocean. We went up a river surrounded by lush vegetation and a green mountain on the left. We left the kayaks and took a short hike to a van which took us to some sort of camp where the trailhead to our hike to the waterfall was.

And here's the waterfall. Chad climbed on the waterfall wall and walked behind it.

New day, new adventures. The activities of this day included a very relaxing pregnancy massage for me at the St. Regis' Spa. I had an amazing time :) And for Chad, it was ziplining.

Self-taken picture of Chad ziplining. Fun!

One of the non-sponsored activities was a hike to the Queen's Bath. Walking distance from the resort, a beautiful lush trail takes you down towards the beach. On the way we encountered a small waterfall.

The area has several coves. In one there were lots of sea turtles frolicking around. I couldn't climb down as close as Chad got, but I was able to take this amazing picture of how close to the turtles he got.

And here's the actual "Queen's Bath" a giant water hole fed by the ocean where people can swim and snorkle.

The same afternoon we hiked to the "Hidden Beach." We were lucky enough that a local disclosed the location. Also walking distance from the resort, this beautiful trail takes you down from a hillside to the beach.

On the way down, we got this first peak of the beautiful hidden beach.

And here's the beach. Instead of palm trees it had these amazing trees which shed red leaves all over the beach.

The ocean was warm and delicious!.

Ready for a night out. Tonight we headed to the famous Hanalai Beach town. Movies have been filmed here, this past year George Clooney fimled "The Descendents" and they are seen walking on the Hanalai Beach and eating at one of the local joints.

Our last day took us on a hike to an area where they filmed the movie "Jurassic Park." It is gorgeous! We had our share of rain and mud trekking on this hike but it's expected! It's the Garden Island! And no amount of rain slows you down. It's still warm and beautiful.

We visited the Kauai Botanical Garden, however we got there too late and they were almost closing :( Hey, there's a reason to come back to the island! Found this gorgeous lizard at the gardens.

Our last stop before heading to the airport was Poipui Beach. The beach is so beautiful even the sea turtles like to come and hang out here!

And the monk seals like to sunbade here too!