Mom visited for a week and we went to El Mirage for the first few days.

Andrea took this picture of Vivian, Chad and June right after we arrived at Lake El Mirage on Saturday afternoon.
It was our first time "camping" with four in the travel trailer.
Andrea and Vivian met some nearby campers with this really big chair. Seriously, no tricks, it is a big chair.
They had a huge fire. Not easy to see in the picture, but they were camping in a group of three, Christian, Tony and Gareth.
They had a bunch of "carts", or land yachts. They gave the ladies rides in the tandem and by the end of the night we all were sailing across the dry lake. It was amazing.
Vivian and Christian.
June did some tandem sailing and also went out on the lake solo. Chad used another cart and the two got to sail together.
Chad and Andrea.
Vivian learning to ride Andrea's motorcycle.
And she is off...
Andrea getting ready to ride.
June and Chad take the KTM for a tour of the lake bed.
In the heat of the afternoon we read books in the shade of the trailer even watched a movie inside the trailer.
That evening the conditions got good for flying the Mosquito NRG Ultralight.
Checking and double checking...
Above is a few combined clips of some take offs, landings, and fly-bys. Alot of learning, and some mistakes made, but nothing resulting in any damage.


It is also fun to bike across the vast flat reflective lakebed. Vivian and Andrea.
June and Andrea.
It was a really great trip enjoying the lake, living in luxary in the travel trailer, bicycling, motorcycling, land sailing and enjoying great company.