We did the Big Bear Run Dual Sport Challenge again. Our group probably got a later start then optimal (riding at 6:00 am) but we were able to complete the ride by about 7:45 pm. We did well again: all the crashes were minor, we had only minor mechanical issues that were easily fixed or ignored and maintained effective navigation. Most importantly through good teamwork we were able to get all of us to the finish that desired to keep on going... Again, this event was epic. Over 13 hours of riding in route with a mix of trail type bringing us through different levels of exhaustion. I am waiting for my plaque to arrive in the mail:) Believe it or not, I have no pictures or video to help remember this event, so I have download a few pictures (taken from other folks that I don't know) to give a feel for the event and bring back memories of the trails. Thanks to these folks for taking these shots and posting them to the forum boards.


The Club that sponsors this great event.

A couple riders assisting each other through Devil's Hole.

Views of the one of the mountain lakes we circumnavigate.

Some of the areas and climbs are very rocky.

Some of the plaque earners (hard way finishers) during the awards ceremony.