~Santa Paula Hot Air Balloon Festival~

On the way to the festival, we are received with this view. Lots of balloons had already taken flight and were on the move. So exciting!


When we entered the venue, other balloons were getting inflated for tethered rides. We were lucky enough to get one of those rides!


This is the balloon that took us up. The Panda Bear. Even though it was just a little tease, it was pretty awesome. Someday I'd like to go on a real flight! But for now, I'm satisfied with knowing what it feels like.


Here is the money shot!


All the tethered rides were sold out, but Chad started up a conversation with this pilot, who ended up taking us up. Yay!


There were lots of balloons giving visitors tethered rides.

As a way to return the favor, we stuck around and helped deflate the Panda Bear. When the morning air starts getting a bit too rough, the balloons have to go to sleep. But they'll stick around till the evening glow show!


At dusk, the balloons are inflated for the glow show.


The energy around the glow show was unbelievable. We didn't know how owesme it would feel!



Here's a video of the glow show.