This is for a trip, but not ours, rather for our family visiting us from West Roxbury, MA.

On Friday we did a hike up the Hummingbird trail to climb on the rocks and search for a Geocache. Here some yoga poses on a rock.
Sawyer told me he wanted to catch a lizard using the cold water trick I had told him about a long time ago. It has been so long since I did this, I was just as surprised as him when it worked. Both him and Miles got to hold the lizard for a while.
And like any good uncle would do, I introduced my nephews to MOTORCYCLES :)
That evening we had a yummy BBQ on the back yard patio and capped it off with smores at the fire pit.
The next day we went rock climbing at Stoney Point. It was quite crowded but we eventually setup ropes on a boulder and climbed on both sides of it. Here Sawyer is lowered down.
Miles climbing up.
Miles happy at the top.
Andrea climbs it.
Karen climbs it too.
Jesse on his way down after climbing the other side.
Done with the rocks, Chad and Sawyer climb the Ash Tree in the backyard. It was a great visit.