Camping and Dirt Biking Near Frazier Mountain


I like to get up to Sequoia National Forest for some great camping and wonderful dirt biking each year. But this year it seemed impossible to pick dates that worked for a nice sized group. In the end we planned to just go with two others, but they had to cancel last minute. So instead of just scrapping the camping plans all together, I found mention of a nearby (about a 90 min drive) camping area that was also pretty high altitude, about 6000' msl. We got delayed with some trailer issues on Friday night, so didn't depart until Saturday morning. In this picture we are loading the truck and trailer for the overnight trip. Yep, we don't pack light:) We can describe what each of the 29 items are for (not counting Andrea).

This is our campsite at the Chuchupate campground. Beautiful and deserted. Awesome.

The first thing we did on Saturday was to ride the dirt bikes up to the top of Frazier Mountain. About 8000' msl.

Andrea had not ridden in over a year and this year I had only ridden a few times. But we rode down and up Whata Trail. Great single track and Andrea did great.

It was really a beautiful day, but there were some sun showers. In this picture, we are hanging out under a tree waiting for the shower to stop.

An amazing sunset.

Nice campfire. We made Jiffy Pop.

On Sunday Andrea took a break from dirt biking and rested/read in the campsite. I went off to tackle the infamous Arrastra trail, on its terms, ascending. Unfortunately I got a bit more excitement than I bargained for as my bike overheated with a small explosion of coolant and steam half way up the trail. D'oh - that had never happened before. Fortunately the story ends well with me and the bike making it to the top and then down to our campsite. A great short camping trip indeed. Andrea was already talking about returning there again on the drive home.