Three Day Cruise with Carnival from Long Beach to Ensendada, Mexico


Andrea on the entry ramp to our ship, Carnival's Paradise, on Friday afternoon.

Our first views as we entered. A beautiful atrium.

Our ship was berthed right next to the famous Queen Mary.

Our departure was delayed a couple hours for some "paperwork" problems. Before we finally left we were treated to some amazing rainbows.

The first night we saw some presentations and explored the ship. This is a picture from one of the bars that had a great band.

Overnight we sailed to Ensendada, Mexico. In the afternoon we left the ship and toured the town. Andrea's first time in Mexico.

The coastal city of Ensenada is frequented by cruise ships and provides a great environment to keep the cruise party going.

One of Andrea's plans for Mexico was to eat a real Mexican fish taco. We did this here.

As typical with cruises, the food was excellent. That night was the formal dinner. This is a picture on our way to our dining hall for our seating.

On Sunday we had a full day at sea. After breakfast, we went to a towel folding presentation and learned how to make towel animals.

Here Chad is relaxing in one of the many jacuzi/pool areas after working out in the gym.

Andrea and Chad relaxing and reading on one of the top decks (windy). We also played the 9 hole miniature golf course - another first for Andrea.

The water slide.


Our stateroom.

This is the entryway to the main theater. We saw great shows here each night. They prohibited photography in the theaters. It was strictly enforced. Not sure why. So we don't have any pictures of the performances.

It was a really great trip. Like all fun vacations, we wished it was longer, but we felt satisfied with all the great experiences and meals. We had a blast.