Thanksgiving 2011, feast in Los Angeles then off to the desert with our new trailer.


Our friends Angela and Ben hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving feast for 9 of us. I followed the tradition more completely than in the past; I was so full I couldn't move;). A great evening.

This would be our third trip to the desert to join our desert trailer friends. But this time, rather than sleeping in the Suburban, we had our own trailer. We bought it less than two weeks prior and had been scrambling to get knowlegdeable, get prepared and get things fixed. It still took us until about 2:00 pm on Friday before we hit the road. Here is the trailer and truck ready to depart.

A stop for gas in Mojave. It is a toyhauler so our dirt bikes are inside.

We arrived at the location late in the dark. It took me some time to find out "desert city". Here is a picture of our city. It is already waning a bit as some people have started to head back after a week in the desert. It probably had a population of at least 100 people at it max.

Andrea opening the stove in our travel trailer.

Beautiful weather this week. Most folks eat dinner with their families in the trailers and then convene around the fire(s). Fun stuff. We look forward to our next trip with the trailer.