Santa Barbara Wine And Roses Regatta


This was our second year driving a chase boat for the regatta. And this time we didn't loose the camera, so we have some pictures. Andrea and I had the Rogalo, a boat from the Santa Barbara Yacht club. Our first tasks were to put out the marks for the course. In this picture we are taking a couple big marks (A Marks) out to the course.

John and Wade drove the other chase boat.

Andrea driving.

In this picture you can see one of the Hobbie classes racing and the committee yacht in the backgroud with the flags for the race. On this boat is our friend Tom who coordinates with the chase boats to set and move the marks and to help boats in distress. On this day I helped a de-masted boat get in to the beach. Also to the right a ghost like image of one of the many oil rigs off Santa Barbara.

Andrea started off bravely with her fight against sea sickness but sustained a knockout blow in the first round. This is me heading back out to the race after dropping her in the marina.

Andrea took this picture from the beach of one of the races.

The competitors (and volunteers) get to park and camp right by the beach. It was our first time sleeping in our big green Dodge truck and hearing the waves all night long.

A shot of a couple of the F18 Hobbie class.

On my way to check a mark that seems to be dragging its anchor between races.

On the second day of the racing, I was alone in my chase boat with some occasional company:). This time I helped with a Chase boat both days so no hang gliding. Still, what a great event and a really fun weekend.