Mom visited us over Labor Day weekend.

Spectacular flying conditions were forecasted for Sat so we went to Sylmar. Andrea and Mom drove the 4WD Suburban down through the rugged San Gabriel Mountains - and took some pictures. We stayed in contact via the radio and I let them know when I was landing so they could watch. In this picture I am beginning my landing approach.

I have landed and taxiing over to the parking area

the daily gazebo celebration is just beginning to form

Sunday morning we headed up to Sequoia National Forest for some camping. Here we pulled over at Red Rock Canyon for a vista.

Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave Desert

We didn't have campground reservations, and being a holiday weekend, it was a risk. But we were lucky and there were plenty of campsites open. Here is our beautiful campsite.

June in the sky with diamonds

Andrea shows Chad a neat rock before he goes on a dirt bike ride...

...and returns after getting is some good riding. Also speaking with a cowboy moving a heard of cattle and seeing large bear.

These visits to the high forest have made me a huge fan of the Jeffrey Pine. As in my other reports, the tree smells like vanilla. On this trip, they provided shade from the mid day sun, hearty pine cones for the campfire, visual beauty in addition to the great smell that permeates this forest.

On Monday we did a hike towards Hooker Canyon. There were lots of intersting plants and rock formations. We were smelling all the plants and I found one that I am very allergic to.

Monday afternoon. We are driving down from the mountains to the Mojave Desert. Large temperature differences between these two places as Mom certainly found out.