WindSports with volunteer help from the Sylmar pilot community plans an annual trip to Big Sur. This is the first time Andrea and I have gone. Big Sur is not known for high or long duration or long distance hang gliding flights. It is famous for natural beauty and being able to take in the view while flying. But the reason every year so many folks attend this trip is due to the great company. I wasn't feeling well during the weekend so we took few pictures and went to bed early, but here are a few:


On the way down we stopped to look at Elephant Seal vista. Fun to see them wallow on the ground.

When we decided to head on the Suburban would not start. It was now my turn to wallow on the ground. D'oh. I was able to get it stared again, and we made the brave decision to push on to Big Sur.

On Saturday after flying we went to the beach near the campground. In the picture you can see more hang gliders flying down from the mountains to the coastline.

Some neat seaweed on the beach

Some strange seaweed on the beach.

The beach was half filled with smooth rocks and half with sand.

This is a narrated video of some footage from our tandem flight on Saturday.

This is a narrated video of some footage from my solo flight on Sunday.