During Dad's visit we planed a trip to (dry) Lake El Mirage. We were super lucky on this trip as the lake closes if it gets wet and we got there just after they re-opened it after some rain had fallen but it had dried. A dry lake is a really neat thing to see.


last stop for more groceries before heading out to the desert

the dry lake bed is very hard and very flat. kinda like it is paved with tiles

chad had a plan for this awning, but this is the first trip we had time to set it up

dad in some protective gear

dad getting ready to ride andrea's ttr 125

this is one of the fast land yachts. chad rode behind them on his dirt bike and they were going about 65 mph. in stronger winds they can go even faster. wow

dad very ready to ride

perfect and beautiful weather. we had some amazing storms come by but they all missed us on the lake bed

setting up the tent with dad

the reflection on the lake bed

we spent the first evening over at the compound near the lake bed with jim. this is jim in his trike

andrea in flight with Dennis

andrea and dennis taking off

andrea and dennis taxiing

andrea and dennis high above the lake. you can see our small compound (just the truck/trailer/awning/2 dirt bikes) just in front of the wheel and further outside of the lake bed the compound with the hangers and landing strip where we visited jim sat evening

a good view of the southeast part of the lake

high bank turns

chad about to fly with dennis

this car must have done something really bad

clips from the two day road trip to El Mirage