A great weekend out in Ojai. A huge thanks for Emily and Andy for making the plans, getting the permits and hosting the party.


Arriving at the ranch and setting up transportation up the mountain.

Arriving at the launch at Chief's Peek. Doesn't Andrea remind you of Meryl Streep's character in the movie Out Of Africa in this picture?

Assessing the flying conditions. Looks like it could be good...

Andy parting the sea of gliders;)

A real treat to end the flight with a landing at the ranch.

wanna hear about the flight;)

relaxing at the ranch

Andrea, Emily and Katherine about to start their "Rockets" routine

Andy and Emily with some help from Mike working on keeping the crowd fed and very happy.

Andy drinking a well deserved cold one.

Andrea and I slept in the Suburban in this barn which provided cave-like darkness in the morning and allowed Andrea to sleep late. She loves that;)

Kim and Emily at the first swimming hole we went to.

first swimming hole

first swimming hole

first swimming hole

first swimming hole. what a great hike.

9 minute movie pulled together from varios sources.
Note: this was filmed in High Definition. The best way to view it is full screen and at least 720HD. To do this, click play or click the link, then use the menu at the bottom to change to HD (720p is fine) and click on the full screen button. Then depending on your internet connection, pause the video and do something else while it buffers.