Red Rock Canyon, near Mojave, CA. After passing by it many times, Andrea and I finally made a weekend trip to check it out via the dirt bikes.


We left Saturday morning with the Suburban loaded with camping gear and the trailer with the dirt bikes. We didn't have reservations, but fortunately there were lots of beautiful campsites available. In this picture we have just arrived and getting ready for our Saturday ride.

For Saturday's adventure we were able to ride directly from our campsite into the Dove Spring area. There were lots of single track trails that weaved through the desert up and down hill and birms. Fun riding.

Chad was able to download GPS track for the area, but we were mostly just exploring. Toward the mountains to the West the trails started going up steeper hills. Andrea climbed most of them but this sandy hill was too much for Andrea and her bike. In this picture I am taking off without her to try to find alternate ways out of this spot.

After we got done with a long fun ride and back to the campsite, we did some exploring by foot. We climbed in around some of the neat walls near the campsite.

A view from one of the holes in the wall.

The sun setting on our campsite. Time for dinner and cozy camping in the 'burban.

Our traditional, easy and very yummy car camping dinner - Chili with Fritos.

The next morning we did some more exploring around the camp site before the ride. This is a shot of one of the amazing walls.

Visiting some Joshua Tree groves.

For our Sunday ride, we rode on the other side of the 14 Freeway, a place near Last Chance Canyon. We left the campground and staged in a big parking lot next to this red wall.

The terrain here was very different from Dove Springs. We ride mostly on 4WD trails, with areas of lots of sand and some steep rocky climbs and descents. The views were spectacular with rock walls and formations of every color.

The sandy 4WD trail seemed to have ended against this rocky wall, but we discoved the 4WD trail really goes up and over. So Chad rode both bikes up and we continuned.

Some areas were pretty rocky - amazing that the 4WD vehicles ride this.

Andrea taking a break to take in the beauty of the area.

The desert abloom with Spring wild flowers. What a great weekend trip.