Andrea and I did a weekend trip in the San Bernadino Mountains. I rode the Big Bear Run enduro on Saturday while Andrea explored the Big Bear Lake area. Thanks to Andrea for getting these pictures before and after the enduro.


Gearing up for the BIG ride at about 5:00 am in Roger's garage.

I was number 188 - probably about 200 riders entered the event.

Here is my motorcycle dash board. GPS and a roll chart. This will be my vantage point for the 13 hours it took us to complete the ride.

Doug is ready to start the ride and looking back to see if the others in our group are ready. He kept us on a schedule as he wanted to have a good change at completing the ride this year.

Here we are about to roll out. I'm riding my Suzuki DRZ (yellow) in an event dominated by KTM enduros (orange).

After completing the monster ride we cleaned up and headed to the convention center for the event's banquet dinner. Clockwise: Roger, Doug, Paul, Tom, Chad and Andrea (taking the picture).

There is an award ceremony for the folks who are able to complete the ride. Here Doug, Paul and I are waiting to get our plaques.

I'm getting mine. It was unlikely that I was going to be able to complete the ride. It is designed to be very hard to do and they always plan for much less than half of the riders to complete. But at the intersection of good navigation, decent skills, no mechanical problems, stamina, will and the group of Tom/Doug/Paul sticking with me as long as I could would keep riding - I made it.

Here is Tom getting his 13th completion plaque. Unbelievable. He has been competing (and winning) in dirt biking events for many years. He has mentored me since I started riding less than two years ago.

A huge thanks for my wonderful wife on this. I was out on business travel during the work week and the weekend was fairly compressed by working a full day on Friday, trying to sign in at Big Bear before 9:00 pm, her birthday, and getting some food and getting to sleep. She knew this event was important to me and helped to make it happen.