February Trip to the Ranch With the Guys and Dirt Bikes. So fun.


unloading the pickup and the trailer at the ranch

off to the pond for some fishing. Tom in a hurry to get there

at the pond

Lubor teaching the techniques of fly fishing


enormous trout

Lubor and I each catch a fish at the same time, and scoop them with the same net

heading back on a quad

suiting up for some dirt biking at the track. didn't take any pictures at the track this trip, but we certainly made up for it next time (see next ranch trip).

gun briefing

Tom said it best - who are those rednecks?

second day. gonna do a bigger dirt bike ride. to us today, this sign says, come on in and have fun and you don't have to worry about running into other riders

three of us suited up for dirt biking. picture taken by Errol who rode a quad for the day.

but be careful of the cattle. they love the ranch too

some don't.

and even though we have all this space, gotta be careful to not hit each other. in this shot Tom on Lubor's bike and Lubor on Tom's. We rotated bikes frequently to get a feel for the difference between a tractor like trail bike (my drz), a racing enduro (Tom's KTM) and a two stroke track bike (Lubor's Yamaha YZ).

at the entrace of a mine shaft we explored

Lubor and Chad riding on the baby green grass landscape

yes the wilderness but not without amenities

the view

a golden eagle. wow.

All this great fun and no injury except for me being clumsy and stubbing my toe on this sprinkler head. I still faired alot better than the cow picture above