Tom runs this race every year hosted by the Santa Barbara Yacht Club. They try to get two days (Sat and Sun) of racing different classes of catamarans. Andrea and I drove out Sat morning and captained one of the race operation boats. I think it was an 18' center console Whaler. We placed and anchored the marks (large inflatable buoys), monitored the start lines and rode among the fleet to take photos of the event. That night we attended the banquet at the yacht club and finished with a fire circle on the beach with some creative Hobbie songs. We slept in the Suburban right on the beach. A huge thanks to Tom/Donna for the invite to this amazing event.

The next morning Andrea drove me up to the Eliminator launch in the mountains behind Santa Barbara and I got in a short hang gliding flight with amazing views.

We still can't find the camera, so pictures of this weekend are MIA.

But I did pull a few stills from the video camera on my glider.

Done setting up the glider

Walking out to launch


After launching I turned back toward launch. I am below launch, but in the picture you can see a grassy area that I believe is used for launching paragliders. In the middle of that steep grassy area there was a black car which apparently had driven off the road. Amazing that it was able to get stopped there.

In the left of the picture is a rock wall that is popular for rock climbing. You can't really see it with the wide angle shot, but there were climbers there as I flew by.

There are some high radio towers in the left of the picture. The rule of thumb is that if you are above them flying a high performance glider you can reliably reach the beach. I had this altitude but didn't know how crowded the beach would be so I landed at the Parma Park LZ. Later we went to the beach and there was plenty of room to land. Next time.

The view of Santa Barbara, the beach and the Northern Channel Islands

The Parma LZ to the right of my body in the picture. My shadow is in the bottom right.

Landing flare.