Another great trip hosted by Lubor and Jill. Great company with Doug, Gabriella, Bobby and two downhill MTB friends. Jill took these pictures. Andrea could not join us, she was in Las Vegas.


Some great fly fishing. Which resulted in some really tasty smoked trout fillets.

Ever heard of an infinity pool? Well this is an infinity pond, located on a saddle with great views.

Always fun to ride the quads

and shooting

And tons of fun on the dirt bike track.

My DRZ is not really designed for a track, but still alot of fun to jump. Doug riding Lubor's Yamaha in the background.

Lubor on his bike.

Chad landing his DRZ.

Chad getting some air with the heavy bike.

The deer watching are impressed;)

Uh ooo.

Bobby racing/winnning downhill mountain biking on nearby course.

They call it pride rock. Seemed suited for a yoga pose.