Plants aren't just for stomping on, they are also fun to drive over with a car. Also, its kinda neat to know their names. Chicks dig that. Below is your cheat sheet for the plants growing in the Jones' back yard.
Click on the turtle at the top of the page and tell me where I'm wrong, or send me pictures and names of other great plants and I will post. Thanks.

Click on the plant thumbnail sized pictures of a bigger view.
Philodendron - there are lots of different types of these that looked very different. Its a very common house plant because they are great survivors.
Lily Of The Nile. Very common, they grow pretty tall, I've seen them about 5', common flower colors are while and blue.
Hydrangea - can get pretty tall, maybe to 5', and have big flowers. Very common and look good.
Impatiens - and lots of varieties. This picture shows two varieties. Need very moderate climate, usually near the coast.
Geranium - Very common. Very hardy. Seen in flower boxes frequently. These can to about 3' tall. Many different colored flowers.
Petunia - Very common. Many different colored flowers.
Foxtail Fern - Not very common. These can look really fuzzy and neat. I am a fan of these.
Snapdragon - fairly common. Lots of different types and colors of the flower. By squeezing on the side of the flower you can make their mouths open.
Kafir Lily - fairly common. Good looking plant even when without the flower. They can be chopped down to almost nothing and they will grow back.
ScarletBottleBrush - Fairly common. Flower look like bottle brushes. Attract alot of bees.
Natal Plum, specifically a Natal Plum Boxwood Beauty. Very common hedge. Its very hardy and dense. I have only seen them with white flowers.
Natal Plum, specifically, a Tuttle Natal Plum. Very common hedge. Its very hardy and dense. I have only seen them with white flowers.
Begonias - Very common. Two different types in the picture. Many different colored flowers.