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Updated 2018-09-21
Blog: Miscellaneous Thoughts

For My Miscellaneous Thoughs
Updated 2016-05-14
Blog: Hang Gliding

Chads Hang Gliding Blog
Updated 2012-03-26
Blog: Dirt Biking

Chads Dirt Biking Blog
Updated 2011-10-22
Blog: Mountain Biking

Chads Night Grinders and Other Mountain Biking Blog
Updated 2011-01-15
Blog: Travel Trip

For On Location Blog Entries on Travel

Commercial Sites
Great site to learn the night sky.
A Great Text Editor for LINUX and UNIX versions.

Home Pages
Jesse and Karen's Photo Archive (linked to by their home pages)>
Karl Diederich's Page.
Laurent Baig's Pictures
Plant Pictures.

Home Repairs
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