Chad's Hobbies

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HANG GLIDING [Advanced Pilot (H4), Tandem I, AeroTowing, Instructor (not current)]
Hang Gliding is the purest form of human aviation - engineless freedom from tera-firma. Additionally, modern hang gliding is also a much more capable form of aviation with the advancements of equipment and training. I have had flights climbing above 17,000' MSL, single flight durations over 5 hours, and landing locations over 100 miles from where I took off. Distance records are over 400 miles. I learned to fly in the East Coast and was the president of the University of Massachusetts Hang Gliding Club. I worked as a flight instructor at Morningside Flight Park one summer before moving to the West Coast. In the West I have been an active pilot in the Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego and Los Angeles communities. Whether going for a big flight or just flying with friends in the local moutains, hang gliding as been a dream come true. You'd have to be crazy NOT to do this!

Flying in Tennessee, 1990 ish???
Flying my glider at Torrey - a pleasant lunch break during work (2 miles away).

Andrea and I flying tandem at Kagel in 2008. I posted a clip showing a few segments of flight; launching, thermalling, switching pilots and landing. The footage for each segment is about one minute long. For each segment of flight, first shown is video from a camera at the back of glider (low res) followed the same flight segment as viewed by a camera on the nose looking down (higher res).

Towing at Wallaby Ranch in Florida, 2008.

BICYCLING [Mountain biking XC racing, recreational XC and Downhill MTB, Velodrome Racing]

As a kid I did some BMX and raced a bit. In high school through college I was more active with road riding, for speed and some multi-days trips. Starting in graduate school I got into Mountain Biking and some XC type racing in Phoenix. Mountain biking has become one of my favorite recreations, providing great exercise, lots of thrills, and fun competion throught my years in Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Race plate from Arizona Series, 1995

Biking in San Diego with
the Gary Fox group, 2001

Biking in Los Angeles with
the Night Grinders, 2008

Riding at the
Encino Velodrome, 2008

Racing at the
Encino Velodrome, 2009

Riding a big drop near Chatsworth, CA. May 2010

Testing new GoPro camera and riding up/down Chumash

MOUNTAINEERING [Glaciated / Technical Peaks. Guiding. Alpine Style Ascents]

Mountaineering has given me the opportunity to build and test physical strengh, judgement, and teamwork skills in some of nature's most prestine settings. In addition I was able to leverage micrometeorology knowledge/experience from sailing and flying, as well as guiding/teaching skills of previous years. Part of the enyoyment for me is the planning and onsite decison making so for all my trips I have either guided for others or climbed with other non-commercial guides like myself.

Preparation for Mt Rainier. A group of us climbed Humpreys Peak, Arizona's highest at 12,562' in the winter to practice snow camping and self arrest. In this photo myself, Helen and Shawn (left to right) have a bite to eat at the summit. 1997?

Karl and I were able to get "self guiding" permits from the ranger station. Mt Raineer, 1997 ish
Both teams make it to the summit to re-join our group of Karl, Keith, Roy, Helen, Chad, Matt and Shawn from left to right.

Cotopaxi (Coto) has the "classic" volcano shape.

Coto had many cravases. Many hidden by new snow.

On Coto - a ladder was placed as a bridge across this deep cravas.

The caldera of Coto was majestic.

A very hard to catch/rare picture of a close fly by at Coto.

On the summit of Coto. From left to right: Karl, Chad, Roy.

Decending the typical steep slope of the glacier on Coto

Mt Chimborazo Dec 1997 - high camp at ~ 18,000'

Mt Chimborazo Dec 1997 - the mountain shadow stretching across Ecuador

Mt Chimborazo Dec 1997 - 4th class no protection

Mt Chimborazo Dec 1997 - cravass

Mt Chimborazo Dec 1997

Mt Chimborazo Summit, Dec 1997

Ecuador Slide Show, 1998

SAILING [Captain for several week-long bare boat charters]

I started with dingy sailing and wind surfing on the East Coast. In Phoenix most of my boating was on ski boats and personal watercraft. After moving to Tucson and doing a 10 day sailing voyage with my friend Karl, I began doing some long bare boat charters myself.

Massachusetts, 1985 ish???   :)

ROCK CLIMBING [Leading/Following. Trad and Sport. Multi-Pitch and Back Country]

I began climbing in Tucson which had many superb nearby climbing options. I did some gym climbing for strength training, but mostly enjoyed climbing outdoors whether leading or following trad or sport routes. Many of my foundest memories have been leading up multi-pitch back country routes in Arizona and California.

Moby Dick, Cochise Stronghold, AZ, 1999ish?

Lots of belays and fun at Joshua Tree, 2004

Leading at Jack's Canyon, AZ, 1980's?

Rappelling at Mt Lemmon, AZ, late 1980's?

Sport Leading at Corpse Wall in Calabasas, CA

DIRT BIKING [no credentials - new to this and loving it]

I have only recently taken up this (since 2009). But I carried the dormant desire since living with my parents and riding the Honda 90 trail bikes in the trails behind the house. Most of the folks I ride with today are more Enduro focused and ride dirt bikes and dual sport bikes.

Sequoia Forest, 2009

San Francisquito Canyon, 2008

The track at JASYD ranch, 2010.

The track at JASYD ranch, 2010.

ULTIMATE FRISBEE [a proud alumni of team "Shirts" at Hughes]

A really fun game. I played alot when in Tucson. Sunny, 100+ degree heat, Falcon Field. Bring it;)

My first tournament, I'm in the back row 2nd from right


I built my first glider, a Gentle Lady, back in the East Coast and learned to fly it at Morningside Flight Park. This hobby went dormant for many years and I picked it back up when living in San Diego, mostly flying near sunset at Torrey Pines.

Gentle Lady, Torrey Pines, 2003, I still have this glider.

Gentle Lady, Torrey Pines, 2003

Gentle Lady, Torrey Pines, 2003

Whisper 6 Channel, Torrey Pines, 2003. This was a heavy and fast 6 servo carbon fiber glider. I blew a landing at Torrey Pines and scattered debris everywhere. The big pieces are still in a box. RIP.

KAYAKING [paddling in recreation kayaks, surfski's and a K1. I placed well in a couple races in San Diego.]

Great sport. I have not been doing much of this since moving to LA.
Kayaking with my Thursday group on Mission Bay.

YOGA [Ashtanga, Hatha and Bikram Yoga]

I have been practicing yoga recreationally since living in Tucson. It's a great way to build strength, balance and flexibility. The meditative aspects can also improve concentration and relaxation. Yoga is also how I met my wife.
need to get some yoga pictures