Wild, fun, you name it! This is my wild collection.


Flying a trike (motorized hang glider) in Lake Mirage. Ok, I didn't fly it, I was the passenger, but needless to say it was still a big thrill and a lot of fun. There are only three other forms of aviation I haven't yet experienced that I'd like to some day try: flying in a sailplain, flying in an F16 or some other jet or stunt plane and fly in the space shuttle, with the latter being a looonnnggg shot :)


Remember this one?


Considering I didn't try it until my late twenties, snorkeling makes the cut. Discovering the intimate world that hides underneath the ocean's surface was and will always be a thrill. And discovering the lava caves in the Hawaiian ocean... priceless...


Going to Sequoia National Park and seeing the giant sequoias makes you really appreciate the beauty and wonders of nature.


Angel's Landing... possibly the airiest of all hikes, high up beautiful Zion, Utah. I remember thinking: If it gets any more airy I quit going up, but the desire to get to the top and taking in the views and knowing that I got there was stornger.


Waterskiing makes the page because it was lots of fun.


Shooting the BBgun in Sudbury was a treat. Sweetness, don't be jealous!


This page will always be a work in progress. More fun wild things are coming my way... I know it!



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