What a trip! 

It all began at the Lompoc Airport near Santa Barbara.  My instructor, the pilot and I were hitting it off, so they agreed to do some nose-dives on the tiny little plane that was taking us up to the desired altitude of 13,000 feet for the big jump.


It was a very freaky experience when they opened up the plane's door and I was asked to sit dangling my feet outside in order to prepare to jump!

But I'm no chicken!  Not only did I do this, but I also decided we would do a flip on the way out of the plane and the instructor confirmed I was serious about it before going for it!  (It must not be a popular request, I guess...)


Right before our exiting the plane, the camera guy jumped out.  His job is to stay close in front of us to take the shots seen here and he also filmed the whole thing. That's what I call a WILD job!


The adrenaline was pumping for sure.  The experience starts going up on the plane.  But once the plane is exited, the "big air" experience lasts about 3 minutes.  The period of freefall feels very loud, with the wind rushing by and once the parachute is deployed you get a feeling like you're being pulled up, although you're really being slowed down to zero miles per hour.  Thereafter it is a very peaceful, quiet descent all the way down to the ground. 

It doesn't happen very often, but our chute lines got tangled up so we had to release the parachute and deploy the emergency chute.  So I got to experience double freefalling.  Luckily, the emergency chute brought us down calmly and safely back to firm land! 

After expending one of my 9 lives, I figured it would be a good day to play the lottery, but I must have used up all my luck at the jump, because I didn't become a millionaire!

I fervently recommend it to all!  Skydiving is one of those experiences you don't wanna miss! (minus the trouble)



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