Here I am belaying Chad up a route at the beach in Malibu.



Now it's my turn up the same route and I've made it to the top.



In this pic you can appreciate how tall the wall is. I'm rappeling down back to the sand.



This is my best climber bum picture. Rope, gear, waterfall and all in Williamson.



Bouldaring in Tom's Place near Mammoth, a beautiful camping site.



Going up another route. There weren't as many hand holds as it may seem :)



This is my first ever rappel down a climb. And in no other than a super high route in Joshua Tree.



This is the top of Headstone in Joshua Tree. There ain't much room for laying down, as you can see, but the susnet views overlooking the desert and the joshua trees was awesome!



This day we got caught in the rain in Idyllwild. We had to bail the multi pitch route and rappel down. I was carrying a wet rope - heavy! and Chad had the wet gear backpack - even heavier! - We got muddy and cold, but where happy to make it back to the car with a break in the rain to take a couple of pictures.



Now this is the coldest I've ever been on a climbing trip! This is us going up Crystal Crag in Mammoth. The views were unbeliebable with thousands of pine trees and emerald blue lakes. The bad part: it was a long, loose multi-pitch climb in cold howling winds. The good part: Climbing in two teams with friends. The surprise: Getting to the last pitch and climbing in beautiful quartz crystal. It was very surreal!



This is our second attempt up Fingertrip in Idyllwild. This time we conquered the multi pitch climb! We had trouble getting down, though, as the way down was hard to find and the sun was setting on us. But we did it!


And that concludes the climbing page :)





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