One afternoon Peter decided to go out and explore the backyard.  He likes to walk around the perimeter and chew on the grass.


Sophie finds the backyard way too scary and/or stressful, so she usually chooses to take a nap when Peter goes out.  This time she chose to nap in one of the holes in their kitty tree house.  Isn't she cute???


While Peter was at the other end of the yard, the backyard squirrel that lives in our ash tree decided to come home from one of his expeditions. 


He likes to go out into other people's yards to eat from the neighbors' fruit trees.  We always find half eaten apples, lemons and even dates from our palm trees all around the tree.


And this is about when the trouble starts...  Peter walked near the tree and happened to notice something...  As you can see, he is looking up into the tree.


And Mr. Squirrel happens to notice something too!


Mr. Squirrel does not like what he sees!  He started yelling at Peter, who got even more curious...  There is a high chance that Mr. Squirrel has encountered other backyard animals before, however, Peter does not know any other animals, except for Sophie...  So this is an extremely curious occasion for Pete, but he doesn't appreciate all the yelling being dished in his direction...  Mr. Squirrel can really make a ruckus! 


Hell breakes loose!  Mr. Squirrel is relentless in his attack.  He made such a commotion, it called my attention! 


He is so riled up, he keeps threatening like he's going to jump off the tree and land on Peter's head!


He's the cutest of squirrels, so it's too bad they're not getting along!


At some point he jumped back on the wall and that's about the time I decided to intervene.  The last thing I need is to have to rush Peter to the hospital.  He's a lover, not a fighter, and he would be totally defenseless against a wild, street-smart squirrel!  So I called out for Peter to come back and I carefully approached the tree, afraid of being attacked as well, and picked up the kitty and brought him to the safety of the inside of the house!


You won this battle, Mr. Squirrel...  But think about it...  Can't we all get along!  We're roommates for crying out loud!


Once in the house, I checked on my little girl, and, as predicted, she is sound asleep in her hole!  The Sleeping Beauty missed out on all the commotion!



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