They are soft and cuddly!


Peter has a pink nose with pink paws.  Sophie has a black nose and black paws.  And they both have blue eyes, like their Mama :)


Sophie was born in April 2004.  She was the tiniest most adorable little thing I'd ever seen!


Sophie is a curious little girl. You can tell in her expresion!  She's playfull and fast and loves to run.


Peter is very regal. He's calm and relaxed and loves to sit by the window and check out the inside of his eyelids for long periods of time...  And the ocassional car too!  But he gets his playful time too... not often, but sometimes he's in the mood to chase a ball, a toy or the Sophie :)


And he can be curious sometimes too!  This is Peter's first sight of fire!  He quickly learned that's where it's toasty and would take his naps close to the fire, when the fireplace was on.

Sophie is a lap kitten.  She loves to sit on my lap whenever I'm watching TV or when I'm at the computer.  She didn't use to be, but has changed with the passing years.  I finally conquered her ferral kitty heart!  It took me 5 years, but we got there!


As peaceful as he may be when napping, whenever I'm home, Peter follows me around the house like my shadow.  He gets up half asleep with one eye open and one closed, but he makes sure I'm never out of sight!


As seen in this picture, Sophie takes after her Mommy when it comes to the yoga thing!


Peter's attempt at yoga, in the form of a forehead scratch, is not as successful!


My girl loves to look out the window too, but is too scared to venture outside.


But Peter likes the outdoors and will literally push you out of the way, when he hears you opening the glass doors to the outside!


This is the closest Sophie gets to the backyard!  I'm surprised she was there long enough for me to take the picture!


While Peter is exploring the backyard, Sophie often chooses to take a nap.


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