This is me at one of the Rocky Peak lookouts!


And here I'm crossing the freeway overpass to get to the Rocky Peak trailhead.


Here I'm ariving at the Hang Gliding Landing Zone after a dual-atholone. I was the only woman to compete the hike/bike competition and, this might not come as a surprise, I won in my category!


This was probably the coldest bikeride to date. We biked the Blue Diamond loop in Las Vegas for New Years. We started the bikeride in 31 degrees!


And this one was probably the hottest bikeride! Gooseberry Mesa in Utah. One of the finest, world acclaimed mountain biking spots. And it certainly deserves the title! The trails, the views, it's all unbelievable. Only, depending on the time of year, you have to put up with a lot of heat! And we did it for Fourth of July Weekend in 2008, so you can imagine how hot that was! But it was an unbelievable experience. We got to bike there a couple of days that trip and it ranks as my favorite bikeride to date!


At Gooseberry you bike over sandy trails and amazing rock.

This is the Hubbie and I biking alongside the Charles River in Cambridge. We took June, Chad's Mom, out for an afternoon ride and made it all the way to Boston! Biking can certainly be a fun way to sightsee!



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