The story goes way back. I'd seen it on TV, I'd seen flyers at top of mountains (specifically, at the top of Mount Wilson, a long, long time ago, when they use to have a launch there). I always thought I'd like to try it, but I never really did act on it.

And then I met Chad..., who happened to be a hang glider pilot...

The introduction was a tandem flight with a flight instructor for my birthday.

I believe Chad was pleasantly surprised that I wanted to try it.

Truth be told, I'd been wanting to try it for a very long time.

And there it is! My very first flight! Ohhh..., the rush!.

A while later, I took my first lessons at this very fun training hill, with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean.

And before we knew it, I got my Beginner Pilot Certification.

Right after I became a pilot Chad got his Tandem Pilot Certification. 


And the intention is clear... We were setting things up to be able to fly together.


We have many flights together under our belt by now. Our tandem certification flight can be seen by clicking on the below link.


I feel privileged to have been able to experience this very free form of flying! Now I know what birds feel...


To see our Tandem Flight, click here


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