Girrrlll Powerrrr!!!




Let me introduce you to my Yamaha TTR 125! 


This is a fine dirt bike. As fine as they come! 


Me and It have gone up and down some very fun trails! From flat dry lakes to tall mountains, from sandy desert trails, to woodsy trails winding around tall pine trees, to beautiful, peaceful meadows. Me and It have done it all!  


I pride myself on being able to handle sandy, muddy, rutted, rocky - all kinds of technical trails, just don't make them too steep! 


This is my new helmet - I stopped using the hang gliding helmet and finally bought a dirt biking helmet. And the dirt biking boots were Chad's present to me for Xmas! Thanks Babe! That completes the outfit! Now I have all the gear! 


Me and my sweet little bike have gone to some awesome places together! 


I've gotten my hands on quads too! Those puppies are a lot of fun too! 


What can I say! It's a lot of fun! 


And this is Chad and me being naughty! We took the bikes into our backyard for some rototilling! 



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