If you want to be one with nature and see pristine, undisturbed, breathtaking landscapes, backpacking might be something you may wanna try. I've seen the most beautiful places while on backpacking trips. They are places you wouldn't be able to get to any other way. And maybe because they are so remote and seldom traveled, and you can only get there by foot, they are able to provide such a peaceful feeling. It's a workout for the body and a trip for the sole, and the feeling of accomplishment after you get to wherever you were going is grandeous! Whether it's the top of a mountain or a loop to remote sights, achieving your goal is priceless! It certainly can be a lot of work to Carry everything you will need for the duration of the trip on your back, like the snail: clothes for very different temperatures, food, water, tent and sleeping bags, stove, pots and pans... it can be an arduous task! But it can teach you about being a minimalist, if only for a couple of days, and total nature immersion. But the freedom it provides is well worth the effort. I'm not sure how many other backpacking trips I will do in my life, but the ones I did I will forever remember! I can now understand Chad's fascination with mountaneering, which I would consider a notch up from backpacking, and it's something I would have liked to try, only I think I've missed that boat after I went into my thirties! :)  

This is me on the way up Mount Whitney. 

Here I'm closer to the top. As you can see the landscape changed drastically. The beautiful trees and most green plants are almost gone, as they don't grow at high altituteds, and the terrain changes to mostly rock and, of course, snow.


Here I'm doing the New Army Pass loop. We saw some amazing lakes here.


New Army Pass is in the same mountain range as Mount Whitney, so the landscape looks very similar.


And this is another shot at New Army Pass.



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