From dearing to gutsy to silly to lucky, these encounters are all wild!


My yellow friend in this picture is a boa constrictor I had the pleasure to get intimate with in Isla Morada, one of the Florida Keys. She was icy cold and very heavy and I asked for them to take her back when her head started pointing in my arm's direction. We were told it doesn't really bite, but it's preferred method of intimidation is, as the name gives away, squeezing its victim to death.


That same day, in the same park, we saw a gorgeous iguana. The bright colors and slow lazy walk made it an instant attaction until people were warned it is not one of the park's animals, but it's a wild iguana from the island and it can be very fast and jump real high when the need arises. Of course it bites too! So that was the closest I ever got.


My duck encounter, on the other hand, seems more dangerous, as I was actually bitten! No, it didn't hurt, but it definitely took me by surprise!


This donkey we encountered in Hawaii on our way down to some waterfalls was a lot more gentle when taking the carrots from my hand.


This deer pack was hanging out in Yellowstone. We stumbled upon them and they were less shy than we expected them to be!


Yellowstone's bison are not shy either. They seemed indifferent or oblivious to our presence, with their main concern being to eat whatever they can find after the spring melts the brutal winter's snow.


The Butterfly Sunctuary in Key West was a beautiful experience. No butterflies in this picture, but there were many!



But the lady dolphin friend I made in Isla Morada at the Florida Keys takes the prize. She not only gave me a kiss, but she also game me a tow around a lake, danced with me, let me pet her and jumped thru a hoop I was holding. She was hands down the best ever animal encounter to date.



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