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Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness

El Jeffe's Kick-Ass Van


Jungle Parts

Two of us


Camp on the first night

This trip was a real gem. Karl calls me from Texas, invites me to sign up for Dave Weeks' Aravaipi Canyon Wilderness trip. I wonder, 'where is the thrill'? No sumit to bag, no swell to ride, no thermal to core. Anyway, with a cast of 7 outrageously cool backpackers and saint "El Jeffe" providing luxary van service at both ends of the canyon, I grabbed the last open spot on the permit.

Why make this relatively low profile trip an "Expose"? For one, with plenty of time to shoot some slides, I have a pretty deep photo bank. Also, I believe this trip was very unique as compared to the other "Exposes".

Aravaipa Wilderness is a really special place. Out in a remote part of Arizona, a perennial spring fed stream has cut a twisting canyon of life through the arid desert landscape. A huge variety of plants and animals enjoy a paradise here. Winter is a low desert style mild, and the summer days are cooled by evaporation of the stream. Unlike the Grand Canyon, very few permits are issued for exploring this fragile ecosystem.

We hiked for three days and two nights. Most of our time was spent exploring side canyons and relaxing in the stream. It was a completely relaxing three days of beautiful surroundings and good company.

Much thanks to Dave for organizing the trip, Jeff for providing transportation, and to Karl for knowing how to spot a really good trip.


Hiking group of 7


Deep Water

Free Solo Fake


Hiking Toys