Family Pictures from November 2018.


Massive woodland fires destroyed hundreds of homes in CA up north and in Ventura county. This is a picture of the Woolsley Fire taken from our driveway looking across the street.

This is the fire from the road in front of our house. I was mountain biking the evening before from Bark Park in Agoura Hills. Strange to imagine that the fire we saw way north of us (Woolsley) was able to burn all the way to the 101, cross it, and head to Malibu that same night after we finished biking.

With fires and the mass shooting at the Borderline Bar (Ventura county popular place) I thought this flag of CA was fitting.

Rio and daddy on a hike to the Chivo Tar pits. She, and the tree behind her, are vibrant beacons of life in dormant surroundings.

Almost impossible to NOT poke the tar.

Trying out some violin lessons for Rio, thank you Grandpa Eli


With friends at Magic Mountain

This is at swim lessons. In Dec she is going to switch from swimming to gymnastics

To dry Lake El Mirage again this fall to have Thanksgiving on the lake. Chad was just getting over an pneumonia (and two lower back episodes), but things seemed OK, so instead of just putting the trailer back, on Thur morning we decided to continue with our plans to go to the lake.

Andrea cooking up our traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the TT (Friday)

And beginning the feast

Rio challenged herself with some precision driving

Chad challenged himself by entering our one-off land sailor to some Wind Wizard races

And last place finishes confirmed the need for a better sail

Rio learning to roller blade

Fun times

Great evening shot from the lake bed